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Leading supplier in growing media

Agaris is a leading European producer of growing media for ornamental plant cultivation and mushrooms, vegetables and fruit growing. Our work on innovation, quality and service enables us to make an important contribution to a more sustainable cultivation – cost-effective for the grower, healthy for the consumer, and good for the environment.

As we are a vertically integrated growing media producer, we are able to supply growers and passionate gardeners an extensive range of growing media of trusted constant quality via the most efficient supply chain. We also create partnerships to drive innovation and develop sustainable growing concepts.

Our vision

To create growing media enabling a sustainable growth.

Our mission

With our range of growing media, we create the base to grow more sustainably, through consistent performance and with respect for people and environment. With our partners, we create added value through tailor-made solutions, efficient supply chains and a hands-on approach.

2 divisions

Agaris consists of two divisions, Horti (growing media for plants) and Myco (growing media for mushrooms). We combine the expertise that we acquire in each market, to optimize our products on a daily basis.

Our markets


Thanks to our 40 years of expertise, we offer our clients the most innovative mushroom substrates.

Fruit and Vegetables

Our products are essential for professional growers of vegetables, fruit and herbs. We help to make a success out of each and every harvest.


We offer a wide range of substrates, soil improvers and soil covers tailored to the needs of every plant and grower.

Urban green

Specialized products for creating urban green spaces and roof gardens. Because Investing in green is clever!


A wide range for home gardeners, available from garden centres, DIY stores and supermarkets.


Agaris develops and commercializes yearly 3 million m³ growing media, which are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Agaris consists of two divisions, Horti and Myco, and has in total 14 production sites and more than 800 staff members.


Together we grow

Convinced to grow with us? Just contact us!