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3 October 2019
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By pursuing RPP certification, Agaris produces peat in a responsible manner. RPP assures that peat is not coming from peatlands with high conservation value, that the surrounding areas are not affected by peat extraction and that the bogs are rehabilitated to their natural state after extraction. 
Agaris is partner in the European Horti-BlueC research project. The project will investigate the upcycling of circular products from agriculture and fisheries for use in horticulture.
In 2018, Agaris obtained the renewal of their ISO 9001 certificate in the new version 2015. With this certificate Agaris assures his customers that everything within her power will be done to assure the best quality in accordance with customers’ desires.
For more than 30 years, Agaris develops and markets customized growing media, mulches and organic soil improvers for both the professional grower and the hobby gardener. In this way, Agaris to committed to enable a sustainable crop growth.
On 1 January 2018, former Vice Chairman Stefaan Vandaele officially took over the chairmanship of Growing Media Europe. He has the ambition to bring the European growing media sector to the next level.
Early 2017 Agaris launched a new, revolutionary line of potting soils aimed at hobby gardeners. On the basis of three simple questions Agrofino Grow it smart ensures that the consumers are always making the right choice. 
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